If you do almost anything online... You've probably heard the formula. It's a cliche at this point. Common knowledge.

Traffic x Conversion = Income

It sounds legit and simple enough.

Pick an offer, send traffic to it, laugh all the way to the bank, retire comfortably, travel the world, and so on.

If only.

Most people won't tell you this (because they need you to continue on buying their stuff), but one of the elements of the formula is WAY more important than the other - if you want to succeed.

It's conversion that rules the day!

First, it's simple math. It doesn't matter if you send 100 or 10,000 visitors to a funnel that doesn't convert. You'll still make ZERO dollars. Your costs might be higher to drive 10,000, so you'd be deeper in the hole, but that's beside the point.

Now, obviously, you could argue (and most people do) that if you send ZERO visitors to a funnel that converts really well, you would also make ZERO dollars. Technically, that is correct.

So what do these people miss?

It's the simple fact that driving traffic is way simpler than creating an offer that converts. Often it's just a math equation.

If you spend $100 to send 20 clicks, and one of them buys a $1,000 product (meaning, you make $900 every time), how many times would you spend $100?

Big problem...

The above example sounds awesome and all.

However, very few people on the planet can pull off something like that.

These people are able to generate amounts like $10,000,000 in a space of 8 days, with a list that's smaller than everyone else's promoting the same product.

They're the ones that you don't see on affiliate leaderboards because they're not participating... but because vendors retire them from contests to give others a chance (and they still manage to push their allies to the top!)

Unfortunately, they're also the ones you very rarely get a chance to work with... because, a lot of the time, they're being snatched up by big companies like Zoom, Tony Robbins, and others.

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