Welcome.  My name is Lynn Campbell, owner of the Shear Perfection Salon.  

We've been doing all types of hair in and around the Los Angeles area for several years now.  We're very particular about the quality of work we do.  Our clients tell us that we do excellent work for reasonable prices.  In fact, we will give you $20 off your first service, if you print this page and present it at the time of your first visit.

If your last haircut was more than six weeks ago, it's a very good idea to have the ends trimmed, to get rid of any possible problems due to exposure to the elements, especially if your hair is chemically treated with color or perm.

If you're in need of a haircut, coloring, styling, or perm, please call us.

All consultations to determine your needs are given free of charge and by appointment, at your convenience.

I've found that many people think they need a complete makeover, when a competently done hairdo will handle the situation.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a finished, high-quality result, correctly estimated to make the most of your good looks, and done so you get exactly what you want.

All our work in guaranteed.

Our phone number is (323) 662-9735.

At your service,


P.S.  If you don't need a hair service at this time, please bookmark this page to save it for later, or pass it on to someone who does.  We appreciate your help in growing our business.