Don't Overdo It With Chemical Treatments

The two basic types of chemical treatments are:

  1. Those which change the color of the hair
  2. Those which change the texture of the hair.

The most common error in using these treatments is excessive use of harsh formulations, which can unnecessarily stress the hair.

On a healthy strand of hair,  the cells are even and smooth. It is this smoothness that causes the strands to reflect light,  giving the hair its attractive sheen. In damaged hair, these cells can become rough and uneven, causing the light to be diffused and making the hair appear dull.

Products designed to compensate for this deterioration can cause the cells to lie flat and can fill in the gaps, tending to smooth out the hair strands.Along with returning a healthy radiance to the hair, these treatments greatly improve the manageability and appearance of the hair and can help prevent further damage.