I just saw an article on Medium that made me chuckle, and then, it...


Made my blood boil!


The point of the article was, basically, "if you want to live a life of freedom, you need to do affiliate marketing."


The author spared no adjectives describing the wonderful life of an affiliate marketer.


How they're able to travel, to have financial peace of mind, how they're working a couple of hours a week, how they're spending time with people they love, how they're driving an awesome car...


You know what I know?


They're Broke!


Because affiliate marketing done right is tedious and time consuming.


If you only spend a couple of hours per week doing it, well, you're probably not making all that much money with it.


To make life-changing amounts of money, you need to put in a huge amount of work.


Let's review.


Things You Need To Do As An Affiliate Marketer


First, you need to be a conversions expert. You need to know your stuff when it comes to persuasion... because otherwise, all the assets you'll create will probably miss the mark.


Second, you need to be a productivity machine.


You need to be able to churn out - often at a short notice - sales letters, webinars, email swipes, lead magnets, all that stuff.


(You may wonder... why do all that when the product vendor does all that for you?


Alas, that doesn't work... because they will often miss the mark, too - and everyone has seen that stuff anyway).




The one thing you need the most is time.


Put in enough hours for a couple of years and yeah, you'll succeed as an affiliate marketer.


By then, you may have a team in place and enough assets to not work as hard. But to get to that point, you'll have to grind. Hard. 


So no, dear Medium article author. 


Affiliate marketing isn't a life of freedom, unless...


You somehow magically are able to enlist the help of conversion superstars.


People who routinely beat everyone by a margin of millions of dollars in affiliate contests.


The kind of people who have the ability to go through course materials and spot gaps - and then, fill those gaps by strategically placing bonuses. 


Then, these people are able to create those bonuses, or pay for them, out of pocket - and sums like $100,000+ aren't unheard of in this game.


Then, these people create custom sales funnels, webinars, sales letters, email swipes, lead magnets, whatever it takes to convert a prospect.


If you have a team like that...


Well, then... of course, affiliate marketing can be a blessing and a life of freedom.


Due to an unique set of circumstances right now... you're able to enlist the help of a team exactly like that.


And it costs less than an info product.


Who are they and how can they afford something like that?


All is explained here:


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