East Hollywood, Los Angeles Curly Hair Salon

You want to look good, of course. We know that, and we help you do that. But our main focus is on taking care of the hair, to preserve (and increase, if possible) its natural health and beauty. When the hair looks naturally healthy, it’s already beautiful and makes you look really good.

For this reason, we prefer not to use a lot of harsh chemicals on the hair.

But when a client needs to make a more or less permanent change that only a chemical treatment can achieve, our aim is to do it as safely as possible. We follow it up with deep conditioning, to minimize the chemical insult to the hair and trust that the hair will forgive us. We meant no harm.

With that said, here is a summary of the services we provide at Shear Perfection Salon in East Hollywood, Los Angeles.


We do haircuts for both men and women. Since it’s discriminatory and illegal to price haircuts according to gender, we don’t do that. We base our prices on the amount of hair that needs to be managed, whether short, medium, or long.

We think this is fair, since we’ve seen men (like some musicians) with hair down to their waists and some women who shave their heads, though these are the exceptions, rather than the rule. But it wouldn’t make sense to charge more for shaving a woman’s head, just because she’s a woman, than we’d charge for doing a haircut for a man with hair down to his waist, just because he’s a man.

But I digress.

You probably aren’t interested in our philosophy. You just want to know how much the darn thing costs.

Well, I’m going to have to get a little long-winded again, because you need to know how we define short, medium, and long.

At Shear Perfection Salon short hair is anything down to the ears. Medium is from there to just above the shoulders. And long is shoulder length to the middle of the back.

Beyond the middle of the back we consider “very long,” and we have to charge custom rates, especially if it’s also very thick. It takes extra time to handle long hair with the gentleness and care that it needs. You can’t just rush through it.

But we think you’ll find even our custom prices reasonable, and we’ll give you a free consultation to determine it.

Here is the list:

  • Short haircut      $35
  • Medium haircut     $45
  • Long haircut       $55
  • Very long haircut  Custom rate

Of course, our haircut service includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a blow-dry style. You’d pay a few dollars more for a wet set (yes, we still do those) or press and curl or deep conditioning treatment, because of the added time.

Hair color

For hair color, we have several options. To color the full length of the hair takes more time and materials than a retouch does. And a retouch includes a half-inch of new growth or less.

Why? Because color processes differently depending on whether it’s closer or further away from the scalp, because of the heat of the body, especially when going lighter. So it needs to be applied differently in order for the color to come out evenly.

Our hair color offerings also include highlights and lowlights, which we do with foils and which can be quite an intricate process, depending on the desired effect. So those are custom-priced as well, but start at $45 for a retouch on short hair.

Chemical Services

We do perms and straighteners as well, but we have to see your hair first. If we think your hair won’t tolerate the chemical stress, we won’t do it.

Sorry. We just won’t.

We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t use what we know about hair to benefit you.

You’ll thank us in the long run.

Specialty Services

Growing Out Your Haircut. This is a long and sometimes frustrating process, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to do it on your own. It gets to various in-between stages where it refuses to look good, no matter what you do.

This is where we come in. We can do a little -- and I mean little -- trim. We are not scissors-happy. We don’t want to undo the growth you’ve patiently suffered through. We’ll even out the scraggly ends and make it into a “style,” so you’ll get different looks as it grows out.

And you won’t be tempted to give up in the middle of summer, for instance, and run into the shop screaming, “Shave my head!” before you make it to your goal of having long hair.

As a side note, if you ever ask us to cut bangs, we hesitate. We want to make sure you’ve thought about it long and hard, because if you change your mind afterwards, it takes so darn long to grow them out again.

Color Correction. Did somebody turn your hair orange or green or some other color you didn’t want? We can fix it. We’ll consult with you to see what you want and what’s possible.

But don’t worry. It’s going to be OK.

Repairing Damaged Hair. Yes, we can do that. The treatment depends on the kind and extent of the damage. So let us figure it out with a free consultation.

But just so you know, sometimes the damage is beyond the ability of any “treatment” to repair, and just has to be cut off. But we’ll do it in such a way that ends up so flattering that people will think you did it on purpose.

Up-do’s and Special Occasion Styles. Yes, we love to do those and have done many of them for proms, weddings, holiday parties, and other special events.

Braids, Twists, and Locks. Yes. We do those too. And we’re delighted to see you go back to rocking your natural texture. It’s so much healthier for the hair.


And if we didn’t say anything about the Curly Hair Salon you’re looking for, call us and ask. It might be that we know about it, but learned about it under a different name. They rename things all the time in the hair industry, in an attempt to seem “new,” “hip,” and “current.”

But the truth is, there are very few “new” things that can be done with hair that we haven’t already learned the basics of, in beauty school. Or done a class for, under an industry professional after graduation.

So if you’re in or near East Hollywood, Los Angeles give us a call at (323) 662-9735 and book an appointment today. Let’s find out what you need, with a free consultation.